New SAM update

January 03, 2018

The former Shell Service Station at Victoria Park Lake is due to be demolished in February to make way for the new SAM building.

By Thomas Moir

Two buildings at Victoria Park Lake where Shepparton’s new art museum will soon stand are set for demolition next month.
Then, a month later, detailed designs are due for what the new state of the art $35 million project will look like.
Construction designs are then set to be complete in August, before the build commences toward the end of this year.
Project board chair Kaye Thomson said the contract process for the site demolition was being finalised.
After the buildings, including a former petrol station, are demolished, further soil testing will be underway and tanks removed from the ground.
Ms Thomson said she didn’t foresee any major issue with the soil, but stressed the council would not know for certain until the tanks were removed.
‘‘We have contingencies in place, we don’t see it as a major issue.’’ she said.
She said more details would soon be available on the looming demolition.
Architects Denton Corker Marshall were announced as the winners of a design competition in April last year, before planning approval for the project was granted in September.
Ms Thomson said recent months had seen extensive back and forth between the architects, the council and project stakeholders to make sure the needs of all parties were being met in the design process.
She described ensuring all groups that would use the forthcoming facility were on the same page as a ‘‘very big process.’’
The detailed design was ‘‘all about internal’’ at this stage: ‘‘where that desk goes... where entry points are,’’ she said.
‘‘Where the staff area is, where the multi use workshops are...’’
‘‘It’s a complex process.’’
‘‘It’s a large building, it needs to be something we’re proud of,’’ she said.
Ms Thomson said there was extensive work needed to be done to determine ‘‘how the building functions’’ and that stakeholders needed to be ‘‘happy with functionality’’ before project leaders go out with a contract to build.

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